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Published onDec 21, 2020
Sandbox pub

Hi Bill and Nora! Im typing now. Can you see it?

A.   Limitations and Advantages: Key limitations are that books are largely missing, and that records from new authors and journals, especially those underrepresented more broadly in the sustainability science community, are frequently missing. The key advantage is that the Web of Science is unrivaled in its breadth, accuracy, and the power of its built-in bibliometric citation analysis tools for viewing the connections within and across disciplines relevant to sustainability science. This is new text added as an edit to the Release #1 at 201221.1448. Here is more new text added to Rev 2 at 201221.1454. Note that when in ‘edit’ mode all of the highlight comments from all previous editions are visible. There does not, however, seem to be any way of seeing to which release the comment was added. My next edit will delete the text on humanities (above, line 4) to which my first 2 comments were made. Purpose is to discover whether, when you edit-delete text, the earlier comment on that text go too. Interesting that it seem the comment is retained in the bottom-of-page section, but its “bubble” disappears from the right hand margin. I will next see whether that persists when I publish.

What can analyzing one (or all?) of these corpuses tell us about the key players in sustainability science today?
—Most frequent journals
— Most frquent organizations
— Most frequent countries [AGH: We discussed a network approach to this. Hopefully with some help on the graphic. I think this would be really interesting to do. Some work remains to be done to get the data for this per our discussion.] [WH: Data is ready — apologies if there was a misunderstanding.].
— Most frequently-publishing authors
— Most cited authors 

Anni Clark:

The humanities — particularly history and literature — seem particularly neglected. Not to mention the non-english literatures.

Bill Clark:

This is my second effort to post a comment after Publishing around 201221.1439. I seem to have lost en earlier comment… Maybe because I did not ‘Post’?